Refrigerants for chillers

Due to its high versatility, R22 was used in many chiller applications. As an HCFC (hydrofluorocarbon) with an ozone depletion potential, it is currently being phased out around the world and is even banned in some regions like the European Union.

Centrifugal chillers

centrifugal chiller

R-123 used to be the standard refrigerant for centrifugal chillers. Due to its ozone depletion potential, it is banned in many regions such as the European Union.

Forane® 134a is the current HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerant for this application. 

Forane® HTS 1233zd is Arkema's recommended low-GWP (global warming potential) solution for low-pressure chillers.

water chiller on a roof

Scroll chillers

Forane® 410A is the choice refrigerant for scroll chillers.