Forane® tech services

For questions about the technicalities of how refrigerants and foam blowing agents are intended to function in a wide range of systems, customers can contact Arkema’s technical sales and service experts at 800-738-7695.

Refrigerants & foam blowing agents

Given the changing landscape of refrigerants and HVACR equipment, access to technical support is vital.  As a global leader in this industry, Arkema is committed to providing quality service to our customers.  Our Forane® refrigerants tech service teams help fulfill this critical need by offering real world solutions.


Some of our services include:

  • Packaging support
  • Problem analysis/resolution
  • Bulk product delivery/system support
  • First delivery assistance
  • Remote and on-site education
  • Online resources, including literature, training, and mobile applications

All of these items, and more, are provided by seasoned industry professionals.  For technical support in your area, please choose from one of the regions below.