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Forane® refrigerants markets

Arkema's Forane® refrigerants can be used in a variety of cooling, refrigerating, and heating applications.

Domestic and commercial refrigeration

For domestic refrigeration applications, such as home refrigerators, Forane® 134a is the preferred refrigerant for most manufacturers. Forane® 134a provides safe and efficient cooling and is employed in typical home uses, such as refrigerators, wine coolers, and small freezers.


For commercial refrigeration, Arkema provides Forane® 134a, Forane® 407A, Forane® 404A, and Forane®507A for use in new/existing applications.  Forane® 22 can only be used to service existing R-22 systems due to its phase-out as part of the Montreal Protocol agreement.  For those needing to retrofit, Forane® 427A – the Easy RetrofitTM - is Arkema’s retrofit solution, which offers the closest match to R-22 in term of performances as well as regarding the mass flow rates and operating pressures in both air conditioning and refrigeration.  Forane® 407A can also be used to retrofit existing R-404A or R-507A equipment.  


In other commercial/industrial refrigeration, Forane® 134a is used primarily in medium-temperature (> 2°C) applications, such as vending machines, cooling cases, and ice cream servers. For low-temperature applications, Forane® 407A, Forane® 404A, and Forane®507A provide efficient cooling in applications such as freezers, display cases, and ice machines.

Comfort and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps

Comfort air conditioning heating applications include a wide range of systems, from small room air conditioners to unitary systems and heat pumps, serving the cooling and heating requirements from residential needs through large commercial applications.


Currently, Forane® 410Ais the refrigerant in most new residential and commercial air conditioning equipment and heat pumps. Forane® 410A replaces R-22 in many applications, offering excellent performance compared to R-22 but with significantly higher refrigerating capacity and higher operating pressures, so it should not be used to retrofit existing R-22 installations. 


R-22 is still the most widely used refrigerant in existing HVACR applications though it is subject to a phase-out obligation by the Montreal Protocol.  To accommodate the phase-out of R-22, Arkema is providing alternatives, such as Forane® 427A and Forane® 407C, which have no phase-out date and are more environmentally sustainable than HCFCs.


Forane® 427A, the Easy RetrofitTM, is an HFC refrigerant blend with thermodynamic properties similar to R-22 that was developed to minimize the work required when retrofitting R-22 systems.  Forane® 427A works well with residual mineral oil left in the system and is suggested for retrofits of R-22 in air conditioning systems as well as low- and medium-temperature refrigeration.  Forane® 407C is an HFC refrigerant blend that can be used to replace R-22 in new or existing positive displacement systems, including residential and commercial air conditioners and heat pumps.


Liquid chillers are typically used for air conditioning in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.  Forane® 134a is being used in most screw and centrifugal chiller applications, and Forane® 410A is being used in most scroll chiller applications.  R-123 is also used in centrifugal chillers but is being phased-out as an ozone depleting substance.  R-22 was used in many chiller applications, but is subject to phase-out by the Montreal Protocol.

Transport refrigeration

Refrigerated trucks and containers provide a unique challenge for cooling systems. These applications are used in extreme weather conditions, requiring the refrigeration system to be flexible enough to operate in a wide variety of conditions. For these applications, Arkema recommends using Forane® 134a, Forane® 404A, or Forane® 507A.


For medium-temperature applications, Forane® 134a provides the best cooling capacity and efficiency through this particular temperature range. For low-temperature applications, Forane® 404A and Forane® 507A are the best options, using HFC technology. Using Forane® 134a, Forane® 404A, and Forane® 507A in transport refrigeration provides the user with safe and efficient refrigerating fluids, which can be purchased throughout the world from any of Arkema's worldwide distributors.

New vehicles

Forane® 134a has been the standard refrigerant used in all mobile air conditioning applications since the phaseout of R-12. Applications using Forane® 134a include mobile systems in cars, buses, trucks, and agriculture vehicles. Forane® 134a meets all safety and quality specifications defined by ASHRAE 34 and AHRI-700.