Forane® refrigerant training

Due to the complexity of our industry, training and continued education are key to our ability to remain up-to-date while providing excellent service. The links below should help you understand some of the major transitions we are presently undergoing. Keep informed about our offerings, such as our “back-to-basics” training, as well.

Supporting the industry

Arkema is a strong advocate of continuing education. If you are an HVACR instructor, please take a moment to register your program. You’ll receive updates on new educational materials, as well as notifications of upcoming training in your area.  If you have any questions about the industry, please contract our Tech Services at 800-738-7695.

Retrofit R-22 air conditioning systems with Forane® 427A

Our R22 retrofit instructional video explains how to retrofit an R-22 air conditioning unit with Forane® 427A – the Easy Retrofit™, providing answers to your questions about pressure/temperature, superheat/sub cooling, oil change, and more!


R-22 and you: R-22 facts and tips

With the phase out of R-22 in the U.S., there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace. Can you still service your old AC unit with R-22? Where can you buy it? Watch this educational video to learn more about R-22 usage for your air conditioning unit as well as cost and industry supply.

Forane® Refrigerants Tool Belt app

The Forane® Refrigerant Tool Belt chart and calculator app is an essential aid for busy refrigeration and AC professionals working in the HVACR field. Forane® Refrigerant Tool Belt provides electronic cross-unit PT charts for each refrigerant and enables users to easily input pressure or temperature readings and immediately receive all corresponding values in return. The app also provides quick calculation for subcooling and superheat values, as well as helpful descriptions and chemical properties of available Forane® brand and generic refrigerants.