Authentic Forane® Refrigerant – Guaranteed Quality through Genuine Products

Counterfeiting of refrigerants and refrigerant cylinders has become a serious issue across the globe, costing businesses and consumers millions of dollars per year.  These counterfeit refrigerant products have been identified across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.  Problems resulting from counterfeit refrigerants and refrigerant cylinders range from poor system performance, to physical injury, or even death.

Arkema takes the issue of counterfeit cylinders very seriously and recommends the following to ensure you only purchase and use authentic Forane® refrigerant products. 

  • Only purchase products from a reputable refrigerant producer, such as Arkema.
  • Only purchase refrigerants from a reputable dealer, who is authorized to sell those products, such as Forane® refrigerants.
  • Never purchase products from individuals, internet classifieds, and/or auction sites.
  • Beware of products being sold at prices far below market value.
  • Inspect cylinders and packaging for any suspicious features. Often counterfeit packaging contains misspelled words, incorrect brand names, and overall poor quality.


To protect our customers further, Arkema has begun the implementation of a brand protection initiative for its Forane® refrigerants products.  Forane anti-counterfeit heat shrinks and labeling are rolling out on non-refillable DOT-39 style packaging globally.  The label contains several features that can easily be seen by the end user.   Each of these features can be verified with the customer if a product is suspect.

  • Authentication QR Code – Can be scanned by any smartphone to verify authenticity

  • Human Readable Authentication Code – Can be manually typed into an authentication website to verify authenticity

  • Color-Shifting Film – Shifts color from clear to cyan as the label is tilted.

  • Holographic Film – Illusion of motion as shifted



Authentic Forane® Refrigerants Code:  Two Ways to Verify Your Product Is Authentic

  • Scan the QR code on the label, using the Cylinder Authentication feature in the Forane® Refrigerants P/T App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.*






Need help or have questions regarding product authenticity?  Contact Arkema directly.