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Product range
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As the leading fluorine specialist, Arkema provides Fluorospecialties development and production to key partners where fluorine makes a difference: agro- and pharmachemistry, electronics, catalysts, fine chemistry. We bring innovative, sustainable and life improving solutions to our customers through development of efficient, industrial-scale processes and manufacturing of high purity fluorinated intermediates.

Products in this range

CF2, difluorocompounds

CF2 group bearing compound (-CHF2 or -CClF2). CF2 moiety adds interesting properties to biologically active ingredients. Forane® 22, Forane®142b and 1,1-difluoroethylene are used as fluoropolymers raw materials.

CF3, trifluorocompounds

CF3 group is the most used fluorine group in biologically active ingredients. Bromotrifluoromethane is a versatile trifluoromethylation reagent. Forane® 23 is used in semiconductor manufacturing

Forane® 142b

Forane® 142b is mostly used as raw material for fluoropolymers.

Forane® 22

Forane® 22 is mostly used as raw material for fluoropolymers.


Bromotrifluoromethane is a useful building block for introducing the trifluoromethyl (-CF3) group into biologically active compounds, as shown by the share of new compounds in agro- and pharmachemistry bearing this group.

Committed to innovative fluorine chemistry

Arkema's headquarter

We leverage our fluorination expertise to create new products for electronics.
We apply fluorine chemistry to advanced battery and energy applications.
We develop fluorochemical intermediates for pharma- and agrochemicals.
We serve major companies in petrochemistry, industrial chemistry, coatings among other markets.

Bringing innovative, sustainable and life-improving solutions


We rely on a proven organization within Arkema:


  • Global, with R&D centers, production assets and service center on three continents (Europe, North America, Asia)
  • Fully integrated - R&D, technical centre and supply chain
  • Involved in environmental progress - promoting no ODP (ozone depleting
    potential) and low GWP (global warming potential) solutions.

The leading fluorine specialist

Arkema's fluorochemicals

World class laboratories for fluorine and halogen chemistry research.

Comprehensive analytical resources to support synthesis/process R&D.

Over 25 years’ experience with anhydrous HF-based, catalyzed chemistry.

Geographic availability

North America
South America


  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Fine chemistry
    • High purity chemical process
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics and electrical
    • Battery
    • Medium to high voltage capacitors
    • Semiconductor
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Agrochemicals
  • Renewable energy
    • Li-ion batteries


  • Agrochemicals
  • Building block
  • Building block for chemical synthesis
  • Circuit boards
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates