Learn more about Forane® refrigerants, properties, applications and more by viewing some of our past product videos.

Know your source – avoid counterfeit refrigerants

Counterfeiting of refrigerants and refrigerant cylinders is a serious issue across the globe, costing businesses and consumers millions of dollars per year. Counterfeit refrigerant products have been identified across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Many problems can occur from using counterfeit refrigerant product. Arkema takes the issue of counterfeit cylinders very seriously. Watch this video to ensure you only purchase and use authentic Forane® refrigerant products in order to ensure quality and safety!


R-22 market update – you can still use it!

Did you know that R-22 is still readily available for purchase and for use? Under U.S. federal law, HCFC-22 that is recovered and reclaimed, along with HCFC-22 produced prior to 2020, can be sold, purchased, and used as long as it is available. R-22 can be purchased at many trusted HVACR wholesalers and distributors. Watch to learn more!


Arkema – Forane® 60th anniversary video

R-22 and you: R-22 facts and tips

With the phase out of R-22 in the U.S., there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace. Can you still service your old AC unit with R-22? Where can you buy it? Watch this educational video to learn more about R-22 usage for your air conditioning unit as well as cost and industry supply.


Forane® 427A presentación gas refrigerante

Gases Refrigerantes Forane® Renueve sus instalaciones de R-22 por Forane® 427A, Producto ecológico que no daña la capa de ozono, no es tóxico ni inflamable. Principales ventajas: Compatible con aceite mineral, producto versátil y sencillo para todos los rangos de temperatura (alta, media y baja). Forane® 427A, imita la curva termodinamica del R-22, siendo el retrofit mas parecido al R-22. Cambie por Forane®

Forane® 134a presentación gas refrigerante

Gases Refrigerantes Forane® Forane® 134a, la mejor opción para sus instalaciones de media y baja temperatura. Para la industria automotriz, alimenticia, transporte de cargas con cadena de frío, etc. Forane® 134a es seguro, confiable con certificaciones UL, AHRI 700, ISO. Renueve sus instalaciones por un fabricante mundial de productos químicos, cambie por Forane®


Retrofit R-22 air conditioning systems with Forane® 427A

Our R22 retrofit instructional video explains how to retrofit an R-22 air conditioning unit with Forane® 427A – the Easy Retrofit™, providing answers to your questions about pressure/temperature, superheat/sub cooling, oil change, and more! Get step by step instructions from Arkema’s Technical Support Manager, John Maiorana, as you learn more about Forane® 427A as well as other Forane® refrigerants and services.


Forane® 427A – The Easy Retrofit™

Forane® 427A is The Easy Retrofit™ for a reason. Ideal for air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration applications, this R-22 retrofit offers nearly identical pressures to R-22. With Forane® 427A, you receive comparable capacity and better efficiency than most R-22 retrofits. Not to mention, no TXV replacement is necessary with Forane® 427A. It doesn’t get any easier than that.