Forane® 449A (XP40)

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Forane® 449A (XP40) is a R-404A & R-22 retrofit with reduced GWP of 1282 and higher efficiency for low and medium temperature commercial and industrial refrigeration. 

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Properties of Forane® 449A (XP40)

  • Average Molecular Weight (g/mol) 87.2
  • Normal Boiling Point (°F) -50.7 - (°C) -45.9
  • Critical Temperature (°F) 178.7- (°C) 81.5
  • ASHRAE Safety Group Classification A1
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) 1,282


Forane® 449A (XP40) Components

Global warming is the challenge for this century, therefore Arkema introduced Forane® 449A (XP40) as the latest fluorinated retrofit refrigerant for R-22 and R-404A with a moderate GWP of 1282. Designed to be suitable for all refrigeration applications, Forane® 449A (XP40) is a four-component refrigerant with a very low boiling temperature and good cycle performance. This refrigerant (R-449A) shows the best rating between thermodynamic performance, end-user safety, and environmental protection, by using the same high quality system components available in the market today.


Forane® 449A (XP40) components by % wt










Why these components?

Components R-125 and R-134a are non-flammable pure components; they are designed to provide Forane® 449A (XP40) its A1 ASHRAE classification as a non-flammable refrigerant (the A means low Toxicity and 1 means non-flammable). Components R-32 and R-1234yf are low GWP refrigerants used to reduce the direct impact of Forane® 449A (XP40) on global warming potential. The combination of these components allows high system performance, with a potential reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Applications for Forane® 449A (XP40)

Forane® 449A (XP40) can be used for refrigeration (left side of chart) or heating (right side of chart). Refrigeration applications for the food industry includes supermarkets, commercial low temperature refrigeration, as well as stand-alone or cold storage. Heating applications are for chillers, reversible systems, and/or hot water heaters. All of these applications use the same positive displacement compressors technology, like piston or scroll technologies.


Benefits of using Forane® 449A (XP40)

Forane® 449A (XP40) can be used to retrofit R-22, R-404A or any R-407 refrigerants (407A to 407H). In order to keep using existing technology (compressors, heat exchangers,…), any new, retrofit refrigerant needs to have the closest properties to the previous one. Mainly, R-449A has similar normal boiling temperature, critical temperature, and volumetric capacity.


Forane® 449A (XP40) is designed to retrofit R-404A, R-22 or R-407 refrigeration equipment.

  1. Forane® 449A (XP40) boiling point is lower than -40°C; this guarantees a positive gage pressure at the evaporator level.
  2. The higher critical temperature versus R-404A allows for better performance in high ambient temperatures.
  3. The equivalent volumetric capacity for R-22 and R-404A allows the use of Forane® 449A (XP40) as a replacement product without capacity loss.
  4. Forane® 449A (XP40) allows equivalent performances versus existing refrigerants and at the same time lower discharge temperature versus R-22.
  5. Forane® 449A (XP40) is compatible with POE oils, with an equivalent thermal stability, low corrosion, and oil degradation level.

To determine the compressor envelop that is available for Forane® 449A (XP40), please refer to the compressor manufacturer’s guide.

Retrofit considerations for Forane® 449A (XP40)

When planning a refrigerant retrofit, of the technician should conduct a mandatory review of the system technology, standard operating conditions, and fluid properties in order to accomplish a successful refrigerant replacement.


Here are some key points to be considered when replacing the refrigerant:

  • Forane® 449A (XP40) is more suitable for positive displacement compressors (Piston, Scroll…). When using the same compressor displacement, Forane® 449A (XP40) can achieve optimal cooling power and energy savings. Since the maximum operating pressure is a function of the operating conditions and the refrigerant, Forane® 449A (XP40) achieves equivalent pressure level versus R-22 and R-404A as well as the same maximum operating pressure level.
  • The temperature entropy diagram shows that the R-449A discharge temperature is lower that the R-22 discharge temperature but higher than the R-404A discharge temperature. For this reason, operators should follow the compressor manufacturer’s guide for compressor selection.
  • Forane® 449A (XP40) saturated pressure level is between that of R-22 and R-404A. For the expansion valves, the pressure has an impact on the mass flow and superheat; it should therefore be adjusted as necessary. When retrofitting equipment from R-404A refrigerant to Forane® 449A (XP40), thermostatic expansion valve spring pressure will need to be increased*.
  • When retrofitting the equipment from R-22 refrigerant to Forane® 449A (XP40), the thermostatic expansion valve spring pressure will need to be reduced*.


*Refer to manufacturer expansion valve data sheet for more details


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