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Forane® 427A (R427A) - The EASY RETROFIT™

Forane® refrigerants for HVACR.

Forane® 427A (R427A) is the ideal R22 retrofit for air conditioning, heat pumps, and refrigeration applications. Benefits include:

- Better efficiency than most R22 retrofits

- Comparable capacity to R-22

- Nearly identical pressures to R-22

- Lower discharge temperatures

- Mineral oil compatible

- No TXV replacement required

- Copeland DiscusTM and Bitzer approved


For Forane® 427A retrofit stickers, please call customer service at (800) 245-5858 , press 0 (North America only).  To learn more about the retrofitting process, visit r22retrofits.com.


  • Average molecular weight (g/mol) : 90.4
  • Normal boiling point (°F) : -45.3
  • Normal boiling point (°C) : -43.2
  • Critical temperature (°F) : 185.6
  • Critical temperature (°C) : 85.3
  • ASHRAE safety group classification : A1
  • Ozone depletion potential (ODP) : 0
  • Global warming potential (GWP) AR5 : 2,024

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  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
    • Air conditioning
    • Refrigeration
  • Automotive and transportation
    • Transportation