Geographical product availability

Under the Forane® brand, Arkema is one of the world’s top producers of fluorinated chemicals, including refrigerants, blowing agents, and specialties. Forane® is dedicated to making our products available across the globe.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Forane® develops products for the top markets in the EMEA region, including air-conditioning, chillers, cooling, and more. In the EMEA regions, due to restrictions, some products are not available everywhere. Products Forane® 141b, Forane® 22, Forane® 408A, and Transcend® Additives are not available in the European Union. Likewise, product Forane® 449A is not available in the Middle East or Africa.



*Products with limited availability


In the Asian regions, we have products available for your market needs, including industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and more. However, both Forane® 1233zd products may be restricted in China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. Transcend® Additives is also only available in Australia.



*Products with limited availability


Our products by Forane® pose a great opportunity for markets in the Americas, especially industrial and commercial air conditioning, automotive, refrigeration, and more. However, due to environmental restrictions, some products may have limited availability. Products Forane® 1233zd, Forane® 141b, and Forane® 365/227 are not available in North America. Forane® HTS and FBA 1233zd also have restrictions in certain Caribbean countries.



*Products with limited availability