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The purpose of the Forane® tech center is to put useful and timely information in the hands of people who work with our products on a regular basis – the service technicians. Our goal is to make it simple, make it right, and to make it work. While the tech center will of course be technical in nature, we’ll also try to report on other issues that may affect you, such as regulations, training, and industry events. What’s critical though to the success of this endeavor is feedback from you. Tell us what you like and what needs work, what else you’d like to see covered, or simply ask us a question. We’ll get back to you.

Ask us

Do you have a specific technical question you need answered?  Arkema's Fluorochemicals business includes various team members who have worked in the automotive A/C industry doing designing and testing for more than 20 years. They continue to be active within the HVACR industry, through memberships, including - but not limited to - ASHRAE, SAE, and MACS. They can answer questions surrounding many aspects of the HVACR industry and would be pleased to help you.