Transcend® additives EPA compliance


Transcend® technology has no ozone depletion potential (ODP), and due to its very short atmospheric lifetime, the global warming potential (GWP) of Transcend® additive technology is much lower than HFCs and about equal to HCs.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) approval for Transcend® additive technology. This makes Transcend® additives available for a broad range of applications in combination with other SNAP approved materials such as HFCs and hydrocarbons for most polyisocyanurate (PIR) and polyurethane (PUR) foam formulations.


With the gradual phase-out of global warming and ozone-depleting substances, such as HCFC-141b, Transcend® additive technology enhances the performance of many new blowing agent alternatives in the foam market.