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Forane® 427A (R427A) retrofit guidelines

Please follow the below guidelines when retrofitting your R-22 system with Forane® 427A(R427A) - the Easy R-22 RetrofitTM. For additional support and troubleshooting, please contact our customer service department at (800) 245-5858.  For any R-22 retrofit technical questions, please contact our technical services hotline at (800) 738-7695.

Step 1: Establish baseline performance

Check the system for leaks and identify any needed repairs. Run the system using the correct OEM charge of R-22 and record performance parameters using an Arkema Retrofit Data Sheet.

Step 2: Recover existing R-22

Recover existing R-22 refrigerant (DO NOT vent to the atmosphere) and make sure not to mix with other refrigerant gases. Record the weight of refrigerant removed.

Step 3: Check lubricant


A lubricant change may not be required, but POE is always recommended for optimal performance. Confirming oil quality is important. Check the oil for moisture, acidity, and metal shavings or sediments. If the oil does not meet the desired specification, a complete oil change using POE is recommended. Systems with complex piping schemes or receivers could impede proper oil return so adding or changing over to POE is recommended. An oil change to POE is also recommended for systems designed to lubricate compressor bearings by pulling oil from the bottom of the oil sump, such as with Danfoss SM scroll and Trane® 3-D® compressors.


Forane® industrial and commercial r-22 refrigerant retrofits.

Step 4: Replace the filter dryer and seals

Replace the filter dryer and, if necessary, elastomeric seals and gaskets, such as Schrader valve cores.

Step 5: Leak check and evacuate the system

Conduct a pressure test using dry nitrogen to determine if the system has a leak, staying below the system pressure limitations. Repair any leaks as necessary. Pull a minimum vacuum of 500 microns and ensure that it maintains a vacuum. If the system does not hold vacuum, leaks may still be present.

Step 6: Charge the system with Forane® 427A (R427A)

Remove refrigerant as a liquid only from the cylinder, being careful not to damage the compressor. The initial weight should be approximately 95% of the original charge for R-22, charging up to 100% if necessary.

Forane 427A, an alternative for R-22 retrofits

Step 7: Start the system and check performance

Start the system and record system performance, noting superheat and subcooling. Adjust TXV set-point and/or refrigerant charge
to achieve the desired superheat. Low side pressure control settings may also need to be adjusted.

Step 8 : Label the system

Properly label the system as being retrofitted with Forane® 427A (R427A). For Forane® 427A (R427A) system labels, call Arkema’s customer service
at (800) 245-5858.